November 27, 2012 No Comments by admin

I read a ton of fitness blogs and journals these days. I constantly hear all about the amazing and impressive feats and new records being made by athletes and non-athletes alike. While I have a ton of respect for those people, nothing impresses me more than the transformations I see happening in our school.

Angelica is a thirty-something mother of two young children. She joined our school about a month ago and was interested in getting into shape after having her second baby. She has been attending kettlebell class and kick-boxing class despite having to travel for work as well as suffer through the sleep deprivation that comes along with small children in the house. A few weeks ago she showed up for kettlebell class and informed me that she ALMOST didn’t come. She went on to tell me that work had been really hectic and stressful for her that day and that she had to drop off her children (whom she hadn’t seen all day) with a babysitter. I congratulated her on making it in despite all the obstacles she faced and she said something very powerful. She said it was easy to make it into the school and take care of herself when everything was going her way but real motivation shines through when times are tough. Who has the motivation to work out after a long hard day at an office job, or worse, after a long night up with a sick baby or child? People who are truly committed to their goals, that’s who. Angelica is one of those people. Tonight she told me that she has lost 15lbs! She has committed herself to coming to classes and she has made some simple, livable changes to her nutrition plan. Her body has responded and with her attitude and mindset the sky is the limit for her! Congratulations Angelica!

When you commit yourself to something and truly believe you can do it, there is nothing that will stop you. But everyone has times when they lack motivation and drive. Take a few deep breaths and mentally revisit your goals and your sources of inspiration. I call it “relax and remind”. Above all, make taking care of yourself a priority and don’t compromise! “