I’m Married to Ray Lewis

November 27, 2012 No Comments by admin

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What time is it? Game time. Any dogs in the house? Woo hoo hoo hoo. Go ChaCha!

Thats what I heard Monday morning when my wife, Danyelle, woke me up to go work out with her at Life Time Fitness. Danyelle recently quit her day job to focus on our family and our family’s business. We agreed that we would schedule our workouts at the same time in order to assist and give support to one another.

I knew that she worked out hard and that she had a specialized routine, but what I experienced was truly amazing. Danyelle was extremely focused. Working out was our priority. There wasn’t time for “Chit Chat”, as Danyelle likes to call it.

Danyelle & I began our workout with foam rolling, pre-habilitative exercises and movement prep. Our work out then progressed into power and strength movements which caught a lot of attention from Life Time members. I wasn’t getting the attention, it was Danyelle. Remember that ABC Wide World of Sports television series from the 70-80s? Remember that fat dude lifting that heavy barbell over his head. Take away 250 pounds and add some hair and that was Danyelle.

We have had four workouts so far and Danyelle had attracted attention from big muscled gym buffs every time. I have to say that I’m very proud of her and had no idea how intense and dedicated her work ethic was until now.

I have abandoned my old workout routines, which were primarily orientated around Core Performance or Athlete’s Performance Methodology, and have decided to put myself in Danyelle’s hands. She incorporates a mixture of CP, AP, RKC (Russin Kettlebell) & other systems into her training. Danyelle is also studying for the CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and constantly applying what she is learning.

Danyelle will soon be leading a strength and conditioning program for our athletes and competitors at out martial arts facility in Catonsville. She is also taking her RKC level 2 certification in July 2011.

I am very proud of Danyelle for all of her talents as an athlete, an inspiring teacher & motivator, and mother of our two children. But mostly I am proud to call her my wife.

Gary Berger – Husband